“The Sea Hawk” has given me a whole new inspiration to riding waves on shortboards. Five or more years ago I was really stagnant and kind of tired with the many surfboard variables out there. Infact surfing to me was boring! Enter “The Sea Hawk”!!! A new lease on surfing and a whole new love for the art of surfing developed for me through the riding of a “Sea Hawk”. This short and widened swallow tail surfboard would do anything I would ask it 2. Infact the board was so good it honestly felt a part of me, it felt like home and it felt amazing!!! Ask any surfer and they will surely tell you that magic boards only come along every blue moon!!! I am here to testify to that but……With Ed Sinnot shaping “Sea Hawks” I can get that same beautiful board time and time again!!
“The Sea Hawk” is the board that never ceases to dazzle and amaze me, from 2 foot to 10 foot I havent found a board I love this much!
Availiable as a five fin plug setup, ask for advice if needed and from there you will have a board like no other!!
The Sea Hawk is available in lengths 5’4 » up to 6’8 »
An example of the boards measurement ratios for a 5’10 » are:
length 5’10”, width 19 ¾, thickness 2 ¾, noise 14 ¼, tail 14 ¾
FIN SETUP: 5 fin plugs (ridden as a quad, thruster, twinny,5 fin). We use FCS II plugs. We can use other plugs on request.

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