In the late 1990’s, early 2000’s myself and then shaper Paul Hutchinson designed a board named “The Wombat”.
Wide, versatile and enabling surfers of any ability to get out there have fun and catch a ton of waves on a shortboard. “The Wombat” went on to be a best seller worldwide for the Bear sufboard company.
“The Wombat MKII” has all the attributes of the original only better!! Still nice and wide and realitively thick for catching any wave with ease, the new model has a touch more rocker (curve) in the bottom shape to make turning easier, a Diamond tail instead of the traditional large rounded square tail also enhancing the turning capability of a tried and truely tested design.
The board concept is a combination of some of the designs similarly used by Australian surfing greats Wayne Lynch and Michael Petersen during the early to mid 70’s period. With a centre fin box and multiple plugs this newly enhanced model is more deverse than ever before. Take a ride on “The Wombat MKII” from tiny waves to 6 foot high surf this is the perfect mid length board. If you want to feel the glide of a longboard or you are ready to adapt to something shorter, try a “Wombat MKII”.
The Wombat Mark II is available in lengths 5’4 » up to 6’8 »
An example of the boards measurement ratios for a 6’4? are:
length 6’4 », width 21 ¾, thickness 2 ¾, noise 17 ¾, tail 15 ½
We now have a bigger version available 6’10 – 8’0
FIN SETUP: Single fin box plus quad plugs.We use FCS II plugs. We can use other plugs on request.

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